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Guide to rent a house in Bangkok, Thailand

Welcome to Bangkok! AccomAsia is a one-stop-shop for all your expatriate housing needs in Bangkok. We've got a wide range of houses and townhouses for rent.  You can find what you are looking for here!

Rental Houses in Bangkok are a popular option for expats. Many expatriates living in Bangkok are attracted by the low cost of living and the convenience of transportation, BTS accessibility. It is not only cheaper than most of the other cities, but it also has an interesting culture.  
In order to accommodate the long-term lease requirement for foreigners, there are also a number of rental houses and apartments in Bangkok.

There are many things to consider when you are looking for a house to rent in Bangkok. You may want to look at the price, the size of the house, the location and transport connections, and whether or not it has a swimming pool or a garden.
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Most popular rental properties are so called single houses / detached houses but some are townhouses / attached houses. Rental for townhouses are cheaper than for single house.

The average price for a house ranges from $2,000 to $5,000 per month in central Bangkok.

The majority of these rental houses are found in and around Sukhumvit area. This is due to the close proximity to the international airport and other major attractions such as malls, embassies, hospitals and schools. 

If you want to live in a Bangkok expatriate community, you should consider living in Sukhumvit, Sathorn, Ploenchit area. Many different types of bangkok housing / rental houses are available, including detached houses / single house, attached houses / townhouses, houses in gated compound or standalone houses. 

Most rental houses in Bangkok are designed for a long period of lease, at least 12 months. 

Some rental houses for rent in Bangkok are located in a peaceful place, with a swimming pool and garden. It is very family-friendly, with nice surroundings and suitable for expatriates.

Yes and No. Depending on several factors. Some found that It is not very easy to find a house in Bangkok because of the high demand ,especially in central of Bangkok, walking to BTS station. There is a limited supply of houses and they are quite expensive.

Apartments or condominiums are more affordable and there are many options available. Rental Apartments in Bangkok offer many amenities that make living there more comfortable, such as safety, convenience, and proximity to schools, hospitals, malls and restaurants.

Bangkok is a safe city with excellent amenities you need.  Bangkok is one of the safest cities in the world. The crime rate in Bangkok is low and it’s among the safest places to live. Bangkok has excellent public transportation (BTS and MRT), affordable housing rental, and a variety of international schools that are great for expat children.

The lease period is usually more than a year.

In general, some of the most important ones are usage fees for electricity, water, phone and internet. Most rental houses come with a phone line or cable TV connection.

The person who pays for maintenance is usually the person who lives there or has an ownership stake in the property. In Bangkok, Thailand this usually means that tenants will be responsible for minor maintenance of their rental house while landlords will be responsible for major repairs and maintenance of their properties such as roof, construction problems. 

Maintenance for rental houses in Bangkok, Thailand is a responsibility that needs to be taken care of by both the tenant and the landlord. The tenant should maintain the property in good condition, swimming pool, garden (if any), as well as pay their monthly rent on time. A landlord should maintain their property in good condition, and make sure that they have a long-term lease with their tenant.

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