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Welcome To Bangkok, Thailand!

Bangkok can be a city of contrasts. It's a busy, bustling metropolis one moment and an unspoilt haven of green the next. It has been around for centuries, and is rich in culture and experience. You can't help but feel at home in Bangkok. This is a city that never sleeps and never stops changing. And though exotic, it is a relatively safe city, despite what you see in movies. It provides a great environment for you and your family. Bangkok has become one of those places that is difficult to describe since it is so large, energetic, and frequently evolving. It's easy to see why it's gotten so much interest over the years. Bangkok has so much to give, and as the number of people who come to live here from all over the world has grown, more and more homes have sprouted up all over the city. Properties for rent in Bangkok are offered in a variety of locations and prices all around the city.
The best way to look for properties for rent in Bangkok is to go through reliable sources such as real estate websites, like the one you’re in now. ;)

You can enjoy all kinds of entertainment and restaurants. It has so much more to offer than tourism attractions. Bangkok has a diverse range of nightclubs, pubs, and restaurants to suit any taste.
If you’re in need of something more relaxing, you can take a walk in one of Bangkok's beautiful city parks, or go meandering around one of the city's many local markets. And when it comes to shopping, Bangkok does not disappoint there either. Just go to Phrom Phong or Siam, and enjoy the city’s malls where you’ll find a lot of popular and local brands to choose from.
As for food, Thai food in Thailand just hits different. Especially the street food. Just imagine yourself living in Bangkok, perhaps a condo, apartment, or even a house, and then going out in the evening to enjoy delicious street food. You may find them in markets, or maybe just on the side of the road. Either way, it’s an experience unique to Thailand. However, there are also a vast variety of food choices apart from Thai food. There are also a lot of Western, and other Asian cuisines you can please your taste buds with.

Bangkok Properties Monthly Rental

Similar to purchasing a property in Bangkok, monthly rental fees may also vary based on the property’s completion date, and the location, particularly when it comes to the distance between the property and the main road, as well as the BTS Skytrain System.

Property Average Starting Price
Studio THB 14,000 | USD 430
1 Bedroom THB 25,000 | USD 766
2 Bedrooms THB 45,000 | USD 1,380
3 Bedrooms THB 60,000 | USD 1,840
4 Bedrooms THB 100,000 | USD 3,064
5+ Bedrooms THB 150,000 | USD 4,599

Can you rent a house in Bangkok? Yes, you definitely can! As a foreigner, you can rent any property you want. Whether it’s an apartment, condo, or a house for rent, you can. On the other hand, you may be wondering if you are legally allowed to rent out a property in Bangkok, Thailand as a foreigner. The answer is also yes. However, please do keep in mind that if you rent out your property in Thailand, every year you are required to pay land and housing tax, as well as personal income tax per Thailand’s Revenue Code. You may also discuss with some banks if you would like to open a rent-collection account, which some might grant.

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What are the advantages of living in Bangkok? What makes Bangkok special? Well, this city can give you a beautiful blend of the past, the present and the future. Bangkok is known for being cheap, and while that may not always be true, life in the city is affordable. You can live a luxurious and incredibly comfortable life in Bangkok without breaking the bank.

Transportation in Bangkok is also tremendously easy thanks to the BTS, Bangkok’s Skytrain System. The BTS conveniently runs through central Bangkok, and is even connected to many popular shopping malls for direct and easy access. It also helps you escape Bangkok traffic on your way to work. Moreover, Bangkok is just a 1-2 hour drive away from Pattaya, 4 hours from Hua Hin, and more. Staying in the city is not always easy, but Bangkok makes it loveable.

And as previously mentioned, there are a lot of business opportunities in the city of Bangkok. This makes it relatively easy to find a job, especially as a foreigner.

You will find that most expats in Bangkok choose to live within Sukhumvit, Silom and Sathorn. This is mainly because these places are within Bangkok's CBD. Additionally, many might say it’s where all the fun and entertainment happens. In Sukhumvit, they specifically rent properties in places such as:

These are the most popular areas in Sukhumvit where expats decide to buy or rent Bangkok properties. However, other places such as On Nut, Phra Khanong, and Bang Na have started gaining attention as well. If you find the right place, you’ll be able to enjoy a great expat community.

According to the Real Estate Information Center (REIC), while 2021 did not do so terribly, unit numbers and values were nevertheless 31.2% and 16.5% below the five-year market average during the second quarter of the year. Meanwhile, in the first quarter of 2021, new home supply fell by 37% in Greater Bangkok. Despite this, in 2022 next year, the Bangkok real estate market is predicted to improve. Once Thailand’s borders are fully opened, foreign demand will most likely increase once again. In Greater Bangkok, REIC expects that at least 80,000 new residential units will be launched next year, 2022. This is quite an increase from the 53,693 units that were said to be expected to launch in 2021.

Ever wondered how many international schools there are in Bangkok? There are around 90 international schools in the city. That is more than plenty for Bangkok families to select from. 43 of them follow the British curriculum, 27 follow the American curriculum, and 22 of them are IB schools.
Top 10 international schools in Bangkok, Thailand (in no particular order):

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