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Welcome To Bangkok, Thailand!

Bangkok is the capital and largest city of Thailand. It was a small fishing village 800 years ago, but now it's a bustling metropolis with a population of more than 8 million people, known to be magnificent for both tourism and business. With so many people living, working, visiting, and ultimately, retiring in Bangkok every year, there's plenty to do and see! Bangkok is just one of those cities that you can't really put into words - it's too big, too vibrant and it's constantly changing. And we’re not being biased! It makes sense why it has gained so much attention throughout the years. With so much to offer, more and more properties have popped up around the city of Bangkok as the number of people who come to live here from all over the world have increased. Properties for sale in Bangkok are available in a range of different areas.
The best way to find out about properties for sale in Bangkok is to go through reliable sources such as real estate websites, like the one you’re in now. ;)

Bangkok, Thailand is more than just temples and street food though; it's also home to nightclubs, bars and restaurants that cater to every taste. Even with all those attractions - you can find some peace by catching Bangkok's many riverside boat tours or strolling through one of Bangkok’s various local markets.
When it comes to shopping, Bangkok does not disappoint there either. Just go to Phrom Phong or Siam, and enjoy the city’s malls where you’ll find a lot of popular and local brands to choose from.
As for food, Thai food in Thailand just hits different. Especially the street food. Just imagine yourself living in Bangkok, perhaps a condo, apartment, or even a house, and then going out in the evening to enjoy delicious street food. You may find them in markets, or maybe just on the side of the road. Either way, it’s an experience unique to Thailand. However, there are also a vast variety of food choices apart from Thai food. There are also a lot of Western, and other Asian cuisines you can please your taste buds with.

Average sale Price For Bangkok Properties

If you’re not looking for properties for sale in Bangkok for the purpose of investment, and simply want to own your own property, here are some average pricings to give you an idea. The prices can go higher or lower, depending on the completion date of the property, and the location, especially when it comes to the property’s distance from the main road and the BTS Skytrain System.

Property Average Starting Price
Studio THB 3.4 Million | USD 103,850
1 Bedroom THB 5.7 Million | USD 175,000
2 Bedrooms THB 11.5 Million | USD 351,100
3 Bedrooms THB 23.0 Million | USD 702,193
4 Bedrooms THB 40.0 Million | USD 1,221,206
5+ Bedrooms THB 49.0 Million | USD 1,496,183

As a foreigner, you can purchase a condominium under your name in Thailand. However, legally, you are not permitted to own land under your own name, and so this may pose a problem when wanting to buy a house. But, that does not mean there is no way for you to purchase a house at all in Thailand. There is a legal work-around.

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Bangkok Properties For sale - Investment

You may be wondering if buying a condo in Bangkok is a good investment. Bangkok is both a fantastic area to live in Thailand, as well as a fantastic place to invest in properties for sale, as there are numerous excellent opportunities. As one of the biggest cities in Asia, it has a lot of attractions that tourists love visiting, and is considered a hub for nightlife, shopping, dining, and other entertainment venues. And this is aside from the many business opportunities that can be found here too.

For these reasons, many foreigners have begun investing in properties in Bangkok. There are people who have seen the potential and invested early, and are now making great profits.

According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, Bangkok is the 4th most visited city in Asia and 16th most visited city in the world. Thanks to its reputation, Bangkok continues to gain attention from generation to generation. That’s why property prices have been going up over the years, so it is worth investing now before the next price rise.

Sukhumvit, Sathorn, and Silom area are hands down where most expats live in Bangkok, which are also places within the city’s CBD. In Sukhumvit, they specifically live in places such as:

These are the most popular areas in Sukhumvit where expats decide to buy or rent Bangkok properties. However, other places such as On Nut, Phra Khanong, and Bang Na have started gaining attention as well. If you find the right place, you’ll be able to enjoy a great expat community.

According to the Real Estate Information Center (REIC), while 2021 did not do so terribly, unit numbers and values were nevertheless 31.2% and 16.5% below the five-year market average during the second quarter of the year. Meanwhile, in the first quarter of 2021, new home supply fell by 37% in Greater Bangkok. Despite this, in 2022 next year, the Bangkok real estate market is predicted to improve. Once Thailand’s borders are fully opened, foreign demand will most likely increase once again. In Greater Bangkok, REIC expects that at least 80,000 new residential units will be launched next year, 2022. This is quite an increase from the 53,693 units that were said to be expected to launch in 2021.

These are the property taxes in Thailand for condos, villas, and houses. Please note that when it comes to the party that usually pays, it is not definite, and can be negotiated. It is just the most common situation.

TAX Party That Usually Pays AMOUNT
Transfer fee Buyer 2% of appraised value
Stamp Duty Seller 0.5% of registered value
Withholding Tax Seller 1% of appraised value or registered sale value (whichever is higher)
Business Tax Seller 3.3% of appraised value or registered sale value (whichever is higher)
Source: Siam Legal

Pet Friendly Bangkok Properties For Sale

Pets are not permitted in a couple of places in Bangkok, Thailand. Most transit systems and local spots in Thailand, including the MRT, BTS, and local parks, do not allow pets. Regardless, the country is becoming increasingly pet-friendly. Recently, Grab just launched GrabPet, which is a new service that allows pet owners to travel from place to place with their beloved pets for a reasonable fee.
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First of all, if you’ve ever wondered just how many international schools there are in Bangkok, there are approximately 90 international schools in the city, 43 of which are British curriculum schools, 27 American schools, and then 22 of them IB schools. That’s more than enough for families living in Bangkok to choose from.
Here are the Top 10 international schools in Bangkok, Thailand (in no particular order):

View properties near International Schools in Bangkok.