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Buy condo unit in popular buildings, Bangkok - Sukhumvit, Sathorn, Ploenchit and Phaholyothin convenient access to facilities in neighborhood near BTS and MRT

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Buy Ideal Condo in Bangkok; The Condo For Sale in Bangkok Ultimate Guide

If you're looking for a place to call home in Bangkok, a condo may be the perfect option. With several choices available, you're sure to find something that meets your demands in every aspect.

When buying a condo in Bangkok, research and work with a trustworthy agent who can help guide you through the process to ensure you earn the best deal possible.

Buying a condo in Bangkok can be uncomplicated with the right agent and research. Then why wait? Begin your search for the ideal condo in Bangkok right away.

Condo for sale in Bangkok guideline on AccomAsia

Living in Bangkok is a unique experience that blends tradition and modernity. As the capital city of Thailand, Bangkok is a bustling metropolis that attracts people from all over the world with its rich cultural heritage, delicious cuisine, and vibrant nightlife.

Compared to other major cities, Bangkok offers a high quality of life at a relatively lower cost. From affordable to luxury restaurants, shopping malls, properties, etc., there's something for everyone in Bangkok.

Another advantage of living in Bangkok is the city's convenient transportation system. With an extensive network of buses, taxis, and trains, it's easy to get around the city and explore all the different neighborhoods and attractions.

One of the exciting aspects of living in Bangkok is the city's vibrant nightlife. There's always something going on in Bangkok after dark. You can dance the night away to live music, catch a movie at one of the city's many cinemas, or relax with a cocktail at a rooftop bar overlooking the city skyline.

Unlike most countries in Southeast Asia, foreigners are legally allowed to buy condos in Thailand, as well as have them rented. Owning a condominium in Bangkok is a good investment for foreigners. In Thailand, there are few restrictions on foreigners buying condos. The requirements include; the buyer must be over 18 years old and have a valid passport. 

Remember that if you rent out your condominium in Thailand, you must pay annual land, housing taxes, and personal income tax. You can also inquire about opening a rent-collection account with several banks, which some may allow.

Bangkok is a bustling city with numerous neighborhoods and districts, each area offering unique advantages when buying a condo. Whether you're a young executive looking for a vibrant sociable scene or a family in search of a quiet and family-friendly area, We'll help you find the condo location that suits your lifestyle and preferences. 

In this response, we will recommend some of the best locales to buy a condo in Bangkok and highlight all locations' characters to help you get a clearer picture of each area.


The most CBD out of all CBDs, the easiest to access any transportation mode. You can expect diverse condo options in the Sukhumvit neighborhood, from unit sizes to unit beds; and price ranges.

If socializing and living among diversity is your thing, Condo in Sukhumvit is your perfect option.


The upscale and affluent area. Full of luxury condos with spectacular city skyline views. Access to fine-dining options and high-end shopping malls.

One of the most characteristic localities in Bangkok, you'll own the memorizing view of the Chao Phraya riverside or the green scenery of Lumphini park from your balcony.


Not far apart from the Sathorn neighborhood, perceived as the commercial area of Bangkok, packed with financial institutions, office buildings, and nightlife venues. If your life in Bangkok is about businesses and partying hard, owning a condo in Silom can be a well-suited alternative.


Condos for sale in the Ploenchit, Bangkok price range tend to be higher than in other locations; there's a reason behind this; it's the shortest distance among all CBDs. So, there's no land left for residentials.


The most rustic vibing compares to other CBDs in Bangkok. Residences and cost of living are more affordable, yet still capable of traveling to other parts of Bangkok with ease. 

If you’re looking for a condo for sale in Bangkok, Thailand, you must adhere to several rules. We advise you to learn all of this before making a decision.

→ The condo you wish to buy must be registered under the Thai government’s Condominium Act. You can swiftly confirm this through the Land Office. Avoid condos for sale that are unregistered or unapproved in compliance with the Condominium Act.

→ Check with the developer if the condominium building allows foreign ownership.

→ Get the FET form. Previously known as Thor Thor 3, a Foreign Exchange Transaction (FET) form is required to register ownership in the Land Department. Under BOI banking laws, should an authorized financial institution in Thailand have to deal with foreign currency exchanges of more than US$ 50,000, Filling out the FET form is a must, and you should have the Bank of Thailand notify the transaction.

The original copy of this form, with its name either as a receiver or as a sender of foreign currency, shall constitute the required document for the registration of ownership in the Land Department, as evidence of the foreigner's compliance with section 19 of the Condominium Act, in the case of a foreigner buying a condo.

→ All payments for any condo for sale in Bangkok that you purchase must be transferred to Thailand in the original currency of your foreign country. You must pay with foreign currency because foreigners can not register a condo in their name unless they have proof.

→ Additionally, the foreigner's quota is 49% of the units in a single condominium building. You can check this by contacting the responsible juristic at the developer's office.

→ About transfer taxes. Anyone who buys or sells a condo, or simply real estate in Thailand, must pay taxes. Once transfer the deed, the Land Department will collect these taxes. 

→ Thai law prohibits foreigners from financing a condo for their partner and claiming ownership of the building. If you try to purchase one under the name of a Thai partner, the possession will be theirs. Any assets you provide your partner are considered a gift. As a result, it's not utterly prohibited; it's your decision.

To make sure you're buying a condo unit from a proper developer. It would be best to choose condos from trustworthy developers. The best way to ensure this is to look for development companies on the stock market of Thailand.

To learn more, you can continue reading on the Thai Embassy website.

Of course, all this information is just a quick overview. If you are looking to buy a condo in Bangkok and would like some assistance, contact us at:

Line: AccomAsia
Also, check out this PDF file on buying a condo in Thailand.

If you're looking to buy a condo in Bangkok, working with a real estate agent can be very helpful in finding a property that meets your needs and budget. Here are some general steps to follow when working with a real estate agent to buy a condo in Bangkok:

Find a Reputable Real Estate Agent: 

Look for an experienced real estate agent specializing in the Bangkok condo market. Do your research through the trustable internet sources you can find.

Discuss Your Requirements: 

Give your ideal condo with your agent about your budget, preferred location, size of the unit, and any other specific requirements you may have. All requirements will help your agent narrow down the list of condos for sale in Bangkok to show you.

Visit All Condos That Meet Your Requirements: 

Your agent will schedule for you to view condos that meet your needs. Be sure to ask questions about the unit, the building, and the local area to understand and visualizable what it's like to live there.

Make a Negotiation With the Landlord: 

If you already discover your dream condo as expected, your agent will help you negotiate with the owner. Your agent can advise you on a sensible price based on comparable condo buildings in Bangkok. Your agent will also ensure that all the necessary paperwork is in order.

Purchasing Process:

Once you agree on the price, your agent will help finalize the purchase, including arranging to review the contract and coordinating the transfer.

Working with a real estate agent can make buying a condo in Bangkok much smoother and less stressful. Be sure to choose an agent you feel comfortable working with and who has your best interests in mind.

Bangkok condo purchases involve more than just paying the condo's cost; there are additional costs that you need to be aware of to avoid any surprises and ensure that you budget appropriately for the purchase. 

One of the priority costs is the transfer fee imposed by the government when transferring ownership of the property. This fee is typically 2% of the appraised value of the property. Another tax is stamp duty; the government charge rate is around 0.5% of the property value estimation.

Besides taxes, you should also be aware of monthly maintenance fees, which cover the cost of maintaining the common areas and facilities in the building. The amount of these fees will vary depending on the size and amenities of the condo. Furthermore, pay a one-time sinking fund to cover future repairs and maintenance. And don't forget property tax is another annual fee calculated from the unit value. 

In conclusion, it's necessary to factor in these additional costs when budgeting for the condo in Bangkok. Consult a qualified real estate agent to provide a more accurate estimation of the total cost of buying a condo in Bangkok. Being aware of additional expenses will help you make an informed decision about your budget.

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