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Buy Ideal House in Bangkok; The House For Sale in Bangkok Ultimate Guide

Bangkok is a highly desirable location for individuals, mainly expats and long-term residents, who already own businesses in the city and have lived there for a significant period, seeking to establish a permanent residence and own a house in this vibrant city.  

At AccomAsia, our priority is on offering houses for sale in prime areas of Bangkok, ensuring that our international and Thai clients get the best house options in Bangkok’s best neighborhoods. From luxurious to cozy houses, we have alternatives to serve any taste and budget.

Not only providing listings. Our team of experts offers comprehensive consulting services to guide you through every step of buying or selling a house. We have expertise in the Bangkok property market and can provide valuable insights and advice to help you make informed decisions.

House for sale in Bangkok the comprehensive guide on AccomAsia

Under Thai law, foreigners are allowed to buy a house in Bangkok but unauthorized to own land. Generally, foreigners can only possess buildings and structures due to legal restrictions.

To be qualified to own a house in Bangkok, you have to obtain a long-term resident visa: LTR, or have established a Thai company or partnership registered in the name.

According to the law, if your partner is a Thai citizen, you are also permitted to own a house in Bangkok; The method is by providing the spouse owns the land separated from the house. In this case, you would need a usufruct or leasehold agreement to legally use the land and the property for a specified period.

Note that the laws and regulations regarding foreign property ownership in Thailand can be complicated and may vary depending on the specific circumstances of each case. Highly recommend you consult a qualified legal professional with Thai property laws who can practically advise.

When searching for areas of the house for sale in Bangkok, you must consider your lifestyle and family needs. Different locations within the area can offer various facilities and lifestyle options. Indeed, a top priority is to choose the spot that best suits your specific preferences.

Other factors to consider when choosing a location in Bangkok for your new house may include proximity to public transportation, shopping centers, restaurants, and cultural attractions.

Here is the list of highlight locations crowded with foreigners: We will give the names to help you brief the option to find your best match house for sale in Bangkok:



Nana is an optional neighborhood for those who currently work or own businesses in the Asoke-Ploenchit area of Bangkok and enjoy partying. With a lively nightlife scene, Nana offers plenty of entertainment for those looking to unwind after work. What's more, it's easy to access the Asoke area with the Skywalk from the BTS Nana station, offering a quick and hassle-free commute between the two neighborhoods.

Fastest Transportation: Nana BTS (E3)

Road/ Route: Sukhumvit road, Soi Nana, Sukhumvit 3 (access to Phetchaburi road) - 17 

Attraction: Bumrungrad International Hospital, Consulate General of Oriental Republic of Uruguay, Bangkok Area Revenue Office 14,  Multiple Middle East, Indian and Thai Restaurants and Nightlifes.


If you're looking for a house for sale in Asoke, the bustling CBD area of Bangkok, it will be daunting due to the abundance of office buildings. However, fear not, as we have options to offer. Our experienced agents can provide you with house listings near Asoke, which still offer convenience and easy access to Asoke.

Fastest Transportation: Asok BTS (E4), Sukhumvit MRT (BL22)

Road/ Route: Sukhumvit road, Phetchaburi road, Asok Montri (Sukhumvit 21), Ratchadaphisek road, Asoke intersection.

Attraction: Terminal 21, Interchange 21, Exchange Tower, Embassies, Benjakitti Park, etc.

Phrom Phong

Experience a peaceful and luxurious house in the heart of Sukhumvit, Bangkok. Look no further than Phrom Phong, one of the most needed residence areas. With numerous high-end amenities, including the prestigious Emporium and EmQuartier shopping malls, this area is the ultimate of sophistication and convenience.

Fastest Transportation: Phrom Phong BTS (E5)

Road/ Route: Sukhumvit road, Phetchaburi road

Attraction: The Em Districts, Benchasiri Park, Samitivej Hospital, etc.

Thonglor - Ekkamai

Thonglor and Ekkamai have a majority of similarities; when searching for a house for sale between one of these areas, you might consider inspecting another locale to expand your options. It’s superbly easy to travel between Sukhumvit 55 and Sukhumvit 63; taking a tour, you could ask a real estate agent a favor to drive you around between Thonglor-Ekkamai neighborhoods to have a better understanding of locations.

Fastest Transportation: Thong Lo BTS (E6), Ekkamai BTS (E7)

Road/ Route: Sukhumvit road, Phetchaburi road, Sukhumvit 55, Sukhuvmvit 63

Attraction: Bangkok PREP Intl’, St. Andrews Intl’, Gateway Ekamai, Chameleon Hospital, Sukhumvit Hospital, The Commons Thonglor, T-one Building, etc.

Phra Khanong

Phra Khanong is less cosmopolitan than other parts of Sukhumvit we mentioned, but Phra Khanong is not overly rural; it just has that edge of local lifestyle and attractions. Buying a house in this neighborhood: you will associate with diverse international fellows and families. And live local alike lifestyles.

Fastest Transportation: Phra Khanong BTS ( E8 )

Road/ Route: Sukhumvit road, Phetchaburi road, Sukhumvit 71 (Pridi Banomyong)

Attraction: St. Andrews Intl’ Sukhumvit 71, W Districts, Summer Hill,  Local Shops, Street Foods, etc.


One of the most characteristic localities to own a house in Bangkok: draw attention with its luxurious lifestyle and extraordinary attractions, mainly: Chao Phraya riverside, Lumphini park, and multiple recently built facilities across the area. Expats or long-term residents; working in business, financial institutions, and diplomacy fields primarily live in this location.

Fastest Transportation: BTS Silom Line 12 Stations (National Stadium W1 - Bang Wa S12)

Road/ Route: Witthayu Road (Wireless Road), Silom Road

Attraction: Iconsiam, Embassies, Lumphini Park, Chao Phraya River, Office Buildings Along Silom Road and Chong Nonsi Area, Heritage and Fancy Restaurants.


Compared to other neighborhoods in Bangkok, houses for sale in Phaholyothin are way more affordable. Not just good deal houses but also the cost of living are lower. The best part is you can also effortlessly access any location in Bangkok using BTS Skytrain stations in Phaholyothin. 

Fastest Transportation: Ari BTS (N5)

Road/ Route: Phahonyothin Road, 

Attraction: Victory Monument, King Power, Chatuchak Park, Phyathai Hospital, Rajavithi Hospital, etc.

Best way to find the best location that fits your lifestyle most, we highly recommend you to research and visit all areas of Bangkok, taking your time to explore each neighborhood in Bangkok and evaluate its suitability based on your preferences and needs.

Additionally, working with a local expert agent can help you identify the best-fit area to buy a house to ease all the procedures.

The steps when buying a house in Bangkok are complicated; after knowing the neighborhood, you want to live in Bangkok. Now you can follow our guidelines to understand your potential perfect house options and get the outline ideas. 

Starting by pinpointing every detail about your daily routines and activities; will be super helpful when determining the amenities that ought to come with the house. For example, if you love to party but live with a family, you might demand a home with a separate living room to provide your family members tranquility.

Once you have ideas, it's time to research houses for sale in Bangkok. Significantly, be detailed and take your time, as buying a property is a high investment and a long-term commitment. 

Make sure your house options match your criteria and are within your budget. It can also be helpful to consult with a real estate agent who is familiar with the local market and can provide practical guidance and advice.

The final process is to review the title deed. Inform yourself, or consult with law professionals as much as possible regarding legal requirements after owning a house before completing your payment.

Remember, having a house is a permanent commitment, so please ensure you make an instructed decision that aligns with your routines and lifestyle.

One of the highest purchases you make in your lifetime is buying a house; it's a must to be well-informed and aware to avoid the risk at all costs, especially when it's your first buy. Researching the housing market, associated expenses, and laws can be too complicated. In this reply, we will inform a guide on buying a house in Bangkok, including tips and tricks to work with a real estate agent to make the process smoother.

Find a Trusted Real Estate Agent

Finding a trusted real estate agent is essential when buying a house in Bangkok: the local expert agent can provide valuable insights into the local market and help guide you through the whole process with their professionalism and experience, from house search to closing the deal. They can also assist in negotiating the price, preparing legal documents, and ensuring a smooth transaction.

Determine Your Neighborhood and Budget

Once you discover a real estate agent who meets your expectation, it's time to specify the neighborhood in which the agent will help you to focus on the factors; nearby facilities, safety, and the growth potential of the area for the reason that these are impacting part of your daily life.

When you have done choosing the area, the budget becomes the next important to define, as it will help you narrow down the house options within your budget. In this step, the real estate agent will direct you to consider all costs associated with buying a house, including down payment, closing costs, property taxes, and insurance. It's important to factor in any potential repairs or renovations that may need to be done on the house, as these can add costs to your overall expenses.

Inspect Your House Options

Inspect all houses within your preferences with an agent before buying to examine the surroundings and potential issues. Address all matters found during the inspection before deciding to choose.

Closing Deal

After you have found your dream home and completed the house deal with the landlord, it's time for the most complicated process.

But there's no need to worry; an agent will assist and declare you through, which involves signing legal documents and transferring funds to complete the purchase. 

Spend less time on something way too complicated, using an agent instead when you are on the way looking for a house for sale in Bangkok; as the above information, you can see that not only the steps of researching and home inspection that you have to intervene but also title deed and budget estimation which is beyond challenging. Now, it is an impeccable time to use a local professional real estate agent instead. 

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