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Should You Live In Phrom Phong? What Is Special About Phrom Phong?

Phrom Phong, perhaps one of the most luxurious districts in Sukhumvit, is a world-class retail district and one of Bangkok's most posh and appealing neighborhoods, where you'll rub shoulders with sophisticated high-income people from all backgrounds of life. The Phrom Phong district is one of the most popular, and more expensive places to live in Bangkok. It’s also very hipster. The real estate in Phrom Phong is booming and the cost of properties for rent has skyrocketed over the past 5 years. The area of Phrom Phong is an ideal place for expats who are looking for a quiet, upscale residential area with great amenities. The amount of expats who have moved to this area has been increasing over the years. Many Japanese and Korean expatriates flock to Phrom Phong as well due to the various Japanese and Korean food options, as well as the vibe the district simply gives. Some people say that if you love Tokyo, but want to live in Bangkok, then Phrom Phong is the place for you.

When you think of Phrom Phong, you might imagine it to be filled with luxury constructions only. However, believe it or not, you can simply find properties to rent in Phrom Phong, even ones quite close to Phrom Phong’s BTS. Simply look through our listings to find the property you desire in Phrom Phong or contact us! We’d be more than happy to help you find the right residential or commercial property.

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One of the things you should definitely do if you choose to live in Phrom Phong is visit Emquartier’s lush green floor. The luxury mall has an entire floor level for you to enjoy waterfalls and ponds. Though they may be artificial, it’s still a great place to take photos for a great social media post. There are also plenty of venues to go to if you’re looking to enjoy a drink, as they have many English pub styled places, as well as taverns. Although, someone looking for nightlife won’t really find it in Phrom Phong. The district specializes more in luxury and class. As for those who just want a peaceful weekend surrounded by nature, they can easily go to Benjasiri Park, also known as Queen’s Park, which is just a few meters away from the BTS. And we mean a few!

Living in Phrom Phong means access to great food. It is in Phrom Phong where you will find the EM District, which includes Emporium and EmQuartier. The area has many trendy cafés and restaurants tucked in the calm, green sois of Sukhumvit. However, Phrom Phong is home to more than just Japanese izakaya and high-end coffee shops. In the district’s popular luxury mall alone, Emquartier, you’ll find a great selection of restaurants to satisfy your taste buds. They have some restaurants that serve Korean barbecue, authentic New England-style seafood with a plethora of lobsters that are imported from abroad, and even some classic fast food restaurants, such as Burger King and McDonald’s.