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A Useful Guide to Finding the House for Rent in Sukhumvit

Sukhumvit Neighborhood Overview

Sukhumvit is a neighborhood located in Bangkok, Thailand. It is known for its long road named Sukhumvit Road, one of the city's main thoroughfares. Due to its diverse variety of eateries, shopping, and entertainment venues, Sukhumvit is a preferred destination for foreigners. Additionally, it is well known for having a vibrant nightlife with a wide assortment of restaurants and bars that stay open late.

With all its conveniences, this neighborhood has become home to many international families.

Overall, Sukhumvit is a vibrant, cosmopolitan neighborhood that offers a unique blend of Thai and international culture, making it one of the most popular destinations for expat families and residents.

House for rent in Sukhumvit perfect for expat family

You will receive plenty of advantages when renting a house in this neighborhood. Here are some benefits that will suit your needs and make your life easier while living in Sukhumvit.

1.1) Best Convenient and Safe Location:

Sukhumvit is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Bangkok, and for a good reason. It's an upscale and trendy area; people also know it for convenience and safety.

Sukhumvit also offers easy access to the city's main attractions, including popular shopping centers, restaurants, and vibrant nightlife venues. Sukhumvit also boasts excellent transportation options, including the BTS Skytrain and MRT subway system, which provide access to other areas.

1.2) House Always Come with Characters:

If you're looking for a house to rent in Sukhumvit, there are house types to consider, each with unique characteristics and benefits.

Detached or Single House:
Detached house type delivers the tenant all peacefulness and privacy; this perfectly fits ex-pat's families, with its spacious space, multiple bedrooms, and outdoor space where families can spend time together.
When renting a detached house in Sukhumvit, you can expect to enjoy numerous amenities and characteristics:

Private Garden 
Many detached houses in Sukhumvit include a private garden, great relaxation, and enjoyable outdoor space. 

Private Swimming Pool
One of the advantages of renting a detached house with a private pool in Sukhumvit is the privacy it affords. Unlike shared facilities, a private pool allows you to swim, relax, and entertain in complete seclusion.

Sukhumvit has a lot of detached housing with private parking, a benefit for a car owner to park safely in the residence area.

Security is often a top priority for those renting a detached house in Sukhumvit, and many properties come with security features like gated entry, security guards, and CCTV cameras.

While a townhouse is usually designed in a narrow and tall shape and often shares one or two walls with neighboring units, they also provide privacy. Townhouses typically have separate entrances and private living areas, which allow residents to enjoy their own space while still being part of a community. Additionally, many townhouse communities have rules and regulations that help ensure a peaceful and respectful environment for all residents.

Small front and backyards
Townhouses usually have small outdoor spaces, such as; a front patio or a small backyard. 

Sense of community
Living in a townhouse, you can get to know your neighbors and participate in socializing.

House in Compound:
If you're looking for a place to rent in Sukhumvit that values privacy and security, then a house in a compound might be the perfect option. A compound house is a gated community that usually includes several neighbor's houses, shared amenities, and security features. 

To keep all surroundings and ambiance well-maintained, houses in compounds always have maintenance staff to take care of the landscaping, cleaning, and repairs.

Extra Parking
Houses in compounds often have designated parking spots for tenants, which can be a practical amenity in areas where parking is limited.

Community & Family-Friendly
Living in a compound can create a sense of community among the residents; developers offer shared amenities, such as a community pool, clubhouse, or playground.

Providing security guards, secured gated entrances, and CCTV surveillance systems within the compound instills a sense of safety and security.

Apart from the benefits of Sukhumvit itself, real estate can provide edges that make the house rental process smoother and more efficient. 

2.1) Expertise and Local Knowledge: Comfortable and Confident From the Start.

Real estate agents who specialize in the Sukhumvit area have a profound understanding of the local real estate market, including the current rental rates, locations, and availability of properties. They can use this knowledge to help you find the right rental house.

2.2) Time Savings: Many Responsibilities Could Not Wait For You, Let's Hand This Accountability to an Expert.

Searching for a house on your own can be time-consuming and overwhelming, especially if you are unfamiliar with the area. A real estate agent can do the legwork for you, including identifying suitable properties, arranging viewings, and negotiating with landlords. Using a local expert agent can save you valuable time and energy.

2.3) Access to Non-Advertised Properties: More Potential Rental Option.

Real estate agents have access to a large pool of properties in Sukhumvit, including houses that may not be found publicly; this implies that they can give you irregular alternatives, increasing the possibility that you will find a house that meets your specific requirements.

2.4) Assistance with Negotiations: Get the Fairest of Agreement.

Once you have identified a house that you are interested in renting, a real estate agent can help you negotiate with the owner to get the best possible terms, this may include negotiating the rental rate, the length of the lease, and any additional fees or charges.

2.5) Professional Guidance and Support: Technical and Emotional Support Till the End of the Process.

Renting a house can be complicated, especially if you are unfamiliar with local laws and regulations. A real estate agent can provide professional guidance and support throughout the rental process, ensuring you earn the most satisfactory rights and responsibilities as a tenant.

Overall, using a real estate agent when renting a house in Sukhumvit can help you find the right property quickly, easily, and at the best possible deal. If you are looking for a stress-free rental experience, working with a reputable and experienced real estate agent is worth considering.

Living in a house in Sukhumvit, you will have accessible transportation options to get around the city. Sukhumvit is one of Bangkok's main thoroughfares and is well-served by various modes of transportation. These are the choices of transportation services available in Sukhumvit.

BTS Skytrain: 

The BTS Skytrain (Sukhumvit line) is a fast and efficient way to travel around Bangkok. Discover the best way to get around Sukhumvit with the BTS Skytrain Sukhumvit line! Whether commuting to work, exploring the city, or running errands, the Skytrain is a fast, reliable, and convenient way to get around. With 47 stations along the line, you can easily connect to other parts of Bangkok and enjoy the vibrant culture and attractions of Sukhumvit.

MRT Subway:

Purposely for commuting to work or exploring the city. In addition to its convenience, the MRT Sukhumvit line is also an affordable option for transportation. Fares start at just 17 THB ($0.50) for a single journey, with discounts available for multiple trips or monthly passes; for an accurate price calculation, you can check on the BEM website.

For those who prefer to travel by road, Sukhumvit Road is one of the main arteries of Bangkok, providing easy access to other parts of the city. Taxis and Grab services are also readily available, making it easy to get around even if you don't speak Thai. Motorcycle taxis (Win) and Grabbike are other popular for short trips, providing a quick and convenient way to navigate the busy streets of Sukhumvit.

Why does this neighborhood attract Executive expats and expat families? 

Sukhumvit is home to one of the largest expatriate communities in Bangkok; with a diverse mix of foreign nationals living and working in the area, from retirees to young executives, there is a community to suit everyone's needs.

One of the reasons why Sukhumvit is so popular among expats is its central location and proximity to the city's major business districts. Many of the city's international schools, embassies, and multinational corporations are located in and around Sukhumvit, making it a convenient base for expats who work in these sectors.

Some of the most popular expat communities in the Sukhumvit neighborhood; include Asoke, Phrom Phong, Thonglor, Ekkamai, and Phra Khanong. 
Asoke is a central business district with numerous office buildings and shopping malls, making it a convenient location for expats who work in the area. Phrom Phong is a popular residential area with a high concentration of luxury houses with a peaceful ambiance. Thonglor is known for its trendy cafes, restaurants, and bars; Ekkamai is crowded with nightlife similar to the Thonglor area, while Phra Khanong is the most traditional area in Sukhumvit; for people who love living a local lifestyle. 

See the rental house you may be interested in renting next in Sukhumvit:

Highlight Surroundings: BTS Asok, Asoke intersection, Terminal 21, Sukhumvit 12, Sukhumvit 14, Sukhumvit 21, Ratchadaphisek Rd., Interchange 21 Building, etc.

Highlight Surroundings: BTS Phrom Phong, Sukhumvitvit 24, Sukhumvit 26, Sukhumvit 28, Sukhumvit 31, Sukhumvit 39, Emporium, EmQuatier, The Em District, Embassy of Norway, Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines, etc.

Highlight Surroundings: BTS Thong Lo, Bangkok Prep Intl', Sukhumvit 55 (Soi Thonglor), Sukhumvit 36, etc.

Highlight Attractions: BTS Ekkamai, Gateway Ekamai, St Andrews International School Bangkok, Sukhumvit Hospital, Sukhumvit 63 (Ekkamai Rd.), etc.,

Highlight Attractions: BTS Phra Khanong, W district, Sukhumvit 71, St Andrews International School Bangkok (Primary School), etc.

All those attractions we mentioned above are the spots where you can imply an agent when renting to give them the nearby requirement for where you'd like to live.

Next, let's talk about hanging out in communities in Sukhumvit expats love:

4.1) Park in Sukhumvit:

Beautiful parks and green spaces where residents and visitors can escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy some fresh air and exercise. Here are the names of the top parks in Sukhumvit:

Benchasiri Park
This beautiful park is near the Emporium shopping mall; in the center of Sukhumvit. It has a very peaceful atmosphere and is a great place to relax and enjoy some quiet time away from the city. The park is home to a large lake, a beautiful fountain, and sculptures.
Location: Direction - Sukhumvit Road, Khlong Tan, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110
Transportation: BTS Skytrain Phrom Phong Station (E5)  

Benjakitti Park
Situated next to the Queen Sirikit Convention Center, Benjakitti Park is a spacious and well-maintained greenery that features a large lake, several jogging and cycling tracks, and a children's playground.
Location: Direction - Ratchadaphisek Rd, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110
Transportation:  BTS Asok Station (E4) walk ahead to Exit no.6 and walk around 15 minutes or using MRT Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre Station (BL23) on the Blue Line. From there, take Exit 1 and walk for 10 minutes.

Chuvit Garden 
This tiny hidden park is located near the Sukhumvit 10 intersection and is a favorite spot among locals. It features a small lake, a jogging track, and several benches where visitors can relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.
Location: Direction - Sukhumvit Road, Khwaeng Khlong Toei, Watthana, Bangkok 10110
Transportation: BTS Nana Station (E3), take Exit 2 and walk for 10 minutes to arrive.

4.2) Coffee Chilling Places in Sukhumvit:

Sukhumvit has multiple cozy and stylish cafés where you can relax and enjoy your favorite coffee drink while socializing:

Roots Coffee Roaster (Roots at Thonglor)
This cozy coffee shop with brand stories to tell in The Commons Thonglor waiting for you to try varied menus of Thai specialty coffees. You can relax in the comfortable seating zone and watch the baristas work their magic with the coffee beans. Don't miss the signature cold brew coffee, which is perfect for a hot day. 
Direction - the COMMONS (Market Fl.) Thonglor 17, Sukhumvit 55 Bangkok 10110

Bangkok Trading Post Bistro & Bar
This artisanal café on Sukhumvit 39 is an excellent spot for expats who appreciate gourmet coffee and food. The café dishes up coffee made with locally-roasted beans, and healthy delicious dishes, including avocado toast, organic salads, and house-made pastries. You can enjoy your coffee and meal in the airy and spacious interior or on the outdoor terrace.
Direction - 137 Pillars Suites & Residences Bangkok, 59/1 Soi Sukhumvit 39, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110

D'ARK The Strand
A modern and chic ambiance, with elegant marble tables, contemporary lighting, and floor-to-ceiling windows that let in natural light. One of the main draws of D'ARK The Strand is the extensive coffee menu, which features high-quality beans from around the world. Whether you prefer a classic cappuccino or a trendy cold brew, you'll find the perfect coffee drink to suit your taste. The café also serves homemade desserts.
Direction - 8 13 Sukhumvit Rd., Khlong Toei Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110

4.3) Community Malls in Sukhumvit:

Sukhumvit has activities and great places to spend time with family and friends.
It's time to introduce you to some communities with open spaces where you can enjoy socializing with your fellow expats.

The Commons Thonglor
An open space mall where people gather at dusk. Located on Thonglor Soi 17, The Commons is a trendy and modern community mall with food and beverage offerings. The mall is full of restaurants and cafés serving everything, especially cuisine from around the world. The stylish and inviting atmosphere makes The Commons a great place to relax and hang out with friends; this place will make you fall deeply in love.
Direction - 335 Sukhumvit Rd. Thong Lo 17 Alley, Khlong Toei Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110

K Village Sukhumvit 26
Family-friendly with an open-air design and lush green community mall; makes K Village a popular destination for those expats who desire a more relaxed hanging-out experience. If you want an all-in-one experience, K Village encloses many shops, cafes, and restaurants. And because Japanese restaurants come in various styles, including Ramen shops, Sushi, A-la-carte, beef dishes, and traditional Japanese drinks. So, we highly recommend you try them.
Besides good-quality restaurants, you can also find everything from designer clothing and accessories to unique home decor items and handmade crafts. K Village is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a different shopping and dining experience in Sukhumvit.
Direction - 93, Klongtan, Klongtoey 95 Soi Sukhumvit 26, Bangkok 10110