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Why Most Expat Looking For Apartment For Rent In Sathorn?

Sathorn District, which stretches from the Chao Phraya River to Lumpini Park, is one of Bangkok's newer districts. This district is home to stunning upscale constructions, restaurants, coffee shops, and a slew of skyscrapers. Despite being relatively new, Sathorn is a well-established and developed neighborhood in Bangkok. Sathorn is also home to many of Bangkok's most prestigious universities and schools. There are many different restaurants in Sathorn that serve Thai, Chinese and Western food. There are also several shopping centers in Sathorn that offer everything from luxury brands to local shops. Many expats live in Sathorn because of the easy access to international schools, shopping and entertainment. Also, you haven't properly experienced Sathorn unless you've had a drink at one of the opulent sky bars situated upon a skyscraper, so make sure you do that if you chose to live in Sathorn!

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The neighborhood in Sathorn isn't what you would expect. The district has a slower pace of life, with its inhabitants leading simpler lives than those who live elsewhere in Bangkok. The neighborhood of Sathorn may seem busy due to the people in suits you'll see walking around, but it's actually a more relaxed area. There is also a large and well-established expat community in Sathorn which makes it easier for expats to adjust to the city of Bangkok. It won’t be difficult to find other people who speak the same language and share the same culture as you in Sathorn.

There is actually plenty to do in Sathorn, from art spaces and galleries to spas and cruises, even a cooking school if you ever feel like learning how to. It’s also in Sathorn where you’ll be able to see the famous abandoned ghost tower, Sathorn Unique. And if you ever want to enjoy a beautiful view of Bangkok city, simply visit one of Sathorn’s many breathtaking rooftops and sky bars.

What Public Parks Are In Sathorn?

Parks are an essential part of the lives of many people living in Bangkok. Parks serve as a refuge from noise and pollution, not to mention they provide a nice place to exercise or relax with friends and family. In addition, it’s become a tradition for many locals to head over to a park at sunset for picnics or other outdoor activities.

There are many parks located in Sathorn that anyone can visit.

1) Lumpini Park
Lumpini Park is a large and beautiful Sathorn park in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. It's a great place to relax, exercise or just spend time outdoors. The park covers 500,000 square meters and is inhabited by a variety of plants and animals. Paddle Boats, playgrounds, and an outdoor gym are among the facilities available at Lumpini Park. Lumphini Park's free aerobics programs, where you’ll see the elderly doing tai chi as well, and high-energy techno beats will get you sweating before dusk. The park has more than enough space for you to jog around in. On the other hand, if you feel like playing basketball instead, they also have a court for parkgoers to enjoy.

2) Suan Phlu Park
While this Sathorn park cannot compare to the size of Lumpini Park, it still offers you the activities and serene atmosphere you require in a park. It is no doubt the ideal escape from Sathorn's main street. Suan Phlu Park is complete with a jogging track, a cute lake, and a gym area.

3) Sathon Chaloem Phrakiat 72 Phansa Park
Chaloem Phra Kiat Public Park in Sathon. It is a 2-hectare park with a beautiful plant garden that has a variety of flowers and plants. Another great park to visit and relax around in.

Where To Eat In Sathorn: The Food Scene

Some people call Sathorn heaven for foodies - a must-visit district for food lovers. Some of Bangkok’s best restaurants for both local and international cuisine and dining are located in Sathorn. You can find many places to dine and drink in Yenakart and Suanplu. If you love the more relaxed and simple food, Sathorn does not disappoint with choices of cafes and amazing street food to offer as well.

Here are 5 great restaurants you can check out in Sathorn:

➠ Urbani
➠ Suhring

What Supermarkets Are In Sathorn?

Perhaps the most popular supermarket in Sathorn is this. Other supermarkets may be quite out of Sathorn, but don’t worry as they still will not be a long drive away.

➠ Tops Market

Additionally, multiple supermarkets in Thailand now allow users to make orders online, which makes it more convenient for those who would just like to avoid people but have to buy groceries.

You can find more than enough international schools in Bangkok; 90 international schools, to be exact. In Sathorn and practically Bangkok in general, international schools offer enriching curriculums with a strong foreign presence, making it easier for expat families to adjust to the community.

Top International Schools In Sathorn (in no particular order):

➠ St. Andrews Sathorn International School

➠ Hampton International School

➠ New Sathorn International School

➠ Garden International School

There are 3 most popular areas in the Sathorn area. Several great apartments for rent exist in this district.

➠ Yenakart

➠ Chong Nonsi

➠ Suanplu